chapter  Case 12
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Fischer fixing systems

Moving forward with the workforce – change communication at the Global Distribution Centre 1
WithKlaus Möller, Julian Gabel, Frank Bertagnolli

The business segment fixing systems of the fischer group of companies faced a significant investment in its logistics – the development of automation technology in the Global Distribution Centre. As of 2014, the Fischer group of companies divided itself into four main business divisions – Fischer fixing systems, Fischer automotive systems, fischertechnik, and Fischer Consulting. The basis for the success of a product on the market is not only its quality, but also its availability and on-time delivery to the consumer. For this reason, the Fischer group decided to build a central warehouse at the production site in Waldachtal-Tumlingen at the end of the 1970s. In Germany, employees in small and medium-sized companies usually enjoyed a long employment with the company. Between employers and employees, there is generally a cultural understanding for a respectful cooperation with the aim of positive corporate earnings.