chapter  5
24 Pages

Advances in Production of Food Powders by Spray Drying

WithMeng Wai Woo

Spray drying is widely used in the production of food powder. This chapter does not focus on the basics or current practices of spray drying. In contrast, this chapter introduces new applications and designs of spray drying, which will be applicable for food powder engineering. The first part of this chapter provides an in-depth discussion on the use of countercurrent spray drying, which is less widely adopted in the production of food powder. The second part of the chapter focuses on a new antisolvent vapor precipitation technique which can be used in spray drying to control the microstructure of food powder. The chapter subsequently introduces strategies for using the spray drying process as a one-step drying crystallization process. The potential to use superheated steam as the drying medium for spray drying is also discussed. The last part of the chapter focuses on theoretical and modeling frameworks which can be used in the design of spray dryers. Complementing the need to be better understood the drying process within the spray drying chamber, the narrow tube drying concept is introduced in this chapter.