chapter  18
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Port in a Storm: The Port of New York in World War II

WithJoseph F. Meany

During World War II the Port of New York saw a total of 1,462 convoy departures. Maritime management of the port was vested in the office of the Port Director, New York, a naval function subordinate to Third Naval District. The army's New York Port of Embarkation, first established in 1917, constituted the primary military command in the Port of New York. Maritime education, training, and welfare were major activities in the wartime Port of New York and represent the third factor contributing to the port's preeminence. Thus, geography, economics, education, and welfare were factors that made New York a vitally important port both before and during World War II. Other aspects of the port remain to be studied, such as the relation of the wartime port to the city of New York, the world's most popular liberty port. After all, the port was only the interface between the city and the sea.