chapter  19
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The Coast Guard Captains of the Ports

WithRobert M. Browning

The Coast Guard, through its Captain of the Port offices, provided logistical supervision, security, law enforcement, and safety measures in all major American ports during World War II. The term Captain of the Port was first used in New York during the war for the officer charged with supervising the safe loading of explosives, and a similar post was established in three more US ports. Vessel security was also an important part of the responsibilities of the Captains of the Ports. During the war the Captains of the Ports made the appropriate recommendations for the anchorage of vessels carrying explosives and dangerous cargoes and designated loading terminals and conditions in which they could be used. The work of the Captains of the Ports increased as the war progressed. An increase in activity occurred in all major US ports as America became the major contributor to the war effort.