chapter  6

Spin-Dependent Thermoelectric Currents in Nanostructures (Tunnel Junctions, Thin Films, Small Rings and Quantum Dots)

WithK.H. Bennemann

Spin Currents in Tunnel Junctions for example induced by thermoelectric forces due to temperature and magnetization gradients etc. are analyzed. Using Onsager theory, in particular, for magnetic tunnel junctions, metallic rings and quantum dots yields directly, spin dependently all thermoelectric and thermomagnetic effects like Seebeck and Peltier ones and Josephson like Spin currents driven by the phase gradient of the magnetization. The results can be compared with recent experiments determining the spin-dependent Seebeck effect and other thermoelectric effects. The Onsager theory can be extended towards an electronic theory by expressing the Onsager coefficients by current correlation functions and then calculating these using Lagrange formalism, symmetry and scaling analysis. Note, Onsager theory can also be applied to spin currents in molecules and in magnetic ionic liquids.