chapter  15
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Cooperation among the BRICS countries for developing emerging industries

WithLin Yueqin

The Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) countries share some similarities and have certain differences in the choices of emerging industries for prioritized development and the policy incentives they introduce, based on their own endowment resources and existing conditions. In October 2010, the State Council of China issued the “Decision on Accelerating the Fostering and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries”, which marks the first programmatic document to promote the development of strategic emerging industries in China. The gap among the BRICS countries in scientific and technological progress and the development of emerging industries is mainly reflected in the following: China has been imitating or following other countries rather than pursuing independent innovation. The BRICS countries have yet to develop strategic consensuses and top-level designs for the cooperative development of emerging industries. The existing BRICS cooperative mechanisms have not yet included cooperation planning and incentives concerning the development of high-tech industries.