chapter  15
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Cooperation among the BRICS countries for developing emerging industries

WithLin Yueqin

At present, academia has demonstrated, from different perspectives and at different levels, the connotation of emerging industries and their significance to the socioeconomic development and prosperity of a country, especially their revolutionary role in driving industrial upgrade and maintaining the development momentum of emerging countries. In the meantime, academia also pays attention to the strategies of emerging countries for developing emerging industries, the fundamental ways of channelling developed countries’ technology and capital into fostering and developing emerging industries, and the basic experience of developed economies in developing emerging industries. As the BRICS countries continue to transform their economic growth models and enhance cooperation for a collective rise, their choices in development directions of emerging industries, and how to conduct cooperation in these industries, will have a bearing on the effectiveness of their industrial restructuring efforts, the transformation of their development models and their successful economic rise as a group.