chapter  4
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BRICS cooperation in the game of countries

WithZhou Fangyin

Although the Western media has been questioning the prospect of the BRICS cooperation since the first BRICS summit in 2009, the BRICS cooperation is steadily gaining momentum. The three main reasons that affect this cooperation are as follows: the impact of the current global landscape and the increasing power of the BRICS countries on the global landscape, Western countries’ strategies on the BRICS cooperation, and the BRICS countries’ own interests and other interactions in the BRICS cooperation. The BRICS cooperation itself is the result of the game of the related countries. Despite the differences in many aspects among the BRICS members, their cooperation is fundamentally in line with mutual long-term strategic interests and has an important role that cannot be replaced by other platforms in achieving related interests. As time goes by, the BRICS cooperation will leverage a more important role in international economy and global governance.