chapter  5
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International structure and the BRICS cooperation

WithJiao Chuankai

The collective rise of emerging economies is the most prominent phenomenon in the contemporary international economy and politics. The rise of emerging economies will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the evolution of the world pattern when the bipolar pattern ended with the Cold War while the new world pattern has not yet been completely formed. Emerging economies, however, have some uncertainties. If they cooperate with each other and create a joint force, they will become an important force that cannot be neglected in the settlement of any international issue. Otherwise, their role in the international community will be severely constrained. Therefore, emerging economies have become one of the hot issues in academic research. As the world’s largest emerging economy and an important member of the BRICS mechanism, China has a deep understanding of the potential and constraints of cooperation among emerging economies, which is the necessary foundation to correctly formulate foreign policy. This chapter intends to take BRICS as an example, analyse the complex situation of cooperation and competition among emerging economies from the perspective of structural realism, and summarize the potential and constraints of cooperation between China and other emerging economies.