chapter  6
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Practice theory and China’s participation in BRICS cooperation

WithGao Shangtao

Western scholars studying international relations systematically included the practice issue into an international relations study in 2000 and put forward the practice theory of the international relations study. According to the practice theory, international relations are a process of practice, and the methodology adopted is abductive reasoning. The key to its research includes the study on the agent and structural relations and the practical thoughts on social factor generation and system transfer. 1 Some Chinese scholars echoed this view and put forward the framework of the practice theory with Chinese characteristics on the basis of Chinese politics and culture. 2 Based on the observation and generalization of the basic human practical activities, the theoretical framework has put forward the causal relationship between practice, its conditions, its modes and identity. Will the framework of practice theory effectively explain China’s participation in the BRICS mechanism? What inspirations can China’s practice provide for the practice theory? In this chapter, we will try to answer these questions by the analysis of the process of practice.