chapter  7
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The BRICS countries and global economic governance

WithXu Xiujun

The Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) cooperation mechanism not only aims to promote cooperation among emerging countries, but also attaches great importance to communication and coordination with developed countries. In short, as representatives of the emerging forces in global governance, the BRICS countries have initially shown their influence in the global economic governance system. The Eurasian continent has abundant resources and a number of the emerging markets and developing economies and the BRICS countries share similar development tasks and strategic goals with the countries in the region. The BRICS countries have not only actively participated in the governance of traditional global issues, but also actively responded to new problems and challenges facing the world. In the field of space governance, the BRICS countries have done a lot to ensure the security of space activities, have put forward governance principles that are in the interests of all parties, and have played a constructive role.