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Monitoring of “Zarzuela Racecourse” structure by means of no-destructive techniques for durability assessment

A. Castillo, C. Andrade, I. Martínez & N. Rebolledo L. Fernández Troyano, G. Ayuso & J. Cuervo

The Zarzuela Racecourse in Madrid was projected by the Engineer Eduardo Torroja and architects Arniches and Domínguez in 1934. Due to the Spanish Civil war, it was not inaugurated until 1941, and the stands were declared National Heritage in 1980. There have been horse races steadily until 1996, year in which activity ceased. In 2003 Spanish National Heritage found a consortium for the Zarzuela race course exploitation, and in 2005, after nine years closed, the Racecourse is re-opened. The restoration process described in this paper was undertaken in 2008.