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Electrical resistance tomography approach for localizing reinforcing bars in concrete

K. Karhunen, A. Seppänen & A. Lehikoinen P.J.M. Monteiro
ByK. Karhunen, A. Seppänen, A. Lehikoinen, P.J.M. Monteiro & J.P. Kaipio

ABSTRACT: In this paper we apply Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) to imaging reinforcing bars in concrete. ERT is an imaging modality in which the internal three-dimensional conductivity distribution of the target is reconstructed on the basis of surface voltage measurements. It is known, that the rebars have a high impact on electrical measurements. Thus, 1) ERT might serve as a tool for localizing rebars and 2) when using electrical measurements for NDT of concrete, the rebars often need to be taken into account (even if the rebar locations are not of primary interest). A set of different concrete specimens were prepared in order to test the applicability of ERT for localizing rebars. The results suggest that ERT can be used as a tool for imaging rebars in concrete structures.