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Qualification of repair materials by mechanical and durability properties

C.C. Ferraro A.J. Boyd
ByC.C. Ferraro, A.J. Boyd & C.A. Ishee

ABSTRACT: Observations by engineers throughout Florida revealed that traditional materials used for the repair of concrete pavements and structures often succumb to premature failure after relatively short service lives. Previously existing standard specification for repair materials was based solely on hardened physical properties, specifically compressive strength and length change. A more rigorous testing program was needed, in which the qualification process for repair materials evaluated both physical and durability properties. A testing regimen was devised to evaluate the capacity of each material for use in the repair of structural concrete. The objective of this analysis was to determine the performance of each material type and to properly assign it a repair application category. The testing regimen also evaluated the tests themselves to determine their applicability to evaluate specific material properties, and the potential usage for product acceptance. The sampling, testing, and evaluation procedures are discussed and resultant specification changes are described.