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Chloride ingress in pre-tensioned prestressed concrete beams and the effect of corrosion on their structural behaviour

B. Cousin B. Martín-Pérez

Chloride ingress in concrete is one of the more common causes of corrosion in reinforced or prestressed concrete structures. The lifespan of a structure strongly depends on the time for chloride ions to reach the steel. This time depends on multiple parameters such as the exposure conditions (Zhang 2009), the composition of the concrete (Delagrave 1996, Francy 1998 & Friedmann 2004), the mechanical state (François 1988, Saito 1995, Sugiyama 1996, Lim 2000 & Deif 2009), and the concrete cover (Zhang 2009). Structural codes (EN 1992-1-1) recommend minimum values for the concrete cover depending on the exposure conditions, but they do not account for the mechanical state of concrete.