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A brief description of alkali-aggregate reaction occurrence and prevention in Brazil

L. Sanchez S. Kuperman

ABSTRACT: In Brazil, first studies of AAR started in the early 1960’s, for Jupia and Ilha Solteira hydropower plants. However, the turning point in the Brazilian concrete technology regarding AAR was in 2005 with the discovery of severe cracks in the foundation blocks and base plates of commercial and residential buildings in the city of Recife. These events caused such uproar in the public opinion and immediately, IBRACON-Brazilian Concrete Institute started to disclose information to the public and the technical society in order to prevent more cases of AAR. At the same time the ABNT-Brazilian Standards Association decided to create a committee that addressed the problem and produced a standard that is regarded as a guide to prevent AAR in new construction. This work presents a brief description of AAR occurrence in some structures in Brazil as well as a comparison among the main laboratorial procedures used to prevent this pathology.