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Carbonation of mortar with mineral admixtures and relation with physical properties

J.L. Gallias, K. Dizayee & A. Bessa

Two types of cement according to the European standard EN 197-1 were used for the study: a CEM I 52.5 N, called C1 and a CEM III/C 32.5 N, called C3. The C1 cement is composed of 98% portland clinker and 2% calcareous filler, whereas the C3 cement is composed of 85% blast furnace slag and 15% portland clinker. In addition to their difference in chemical and mineralogical composition influencing their hydraulic character, the C1 cement presents higher density and lower fineness (3100 kg/m3 and 0.382 m2/g Blaine specific surface area) than the C3 cement (2910 kg/m3 and 0.465 m2/g Blaine specific surface area).