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Deteriorate forms and defective events on concrete surface damaged by de-icing chemical attacks

Y. Takashina

ABSTRACT: Wide variety of deterioration forms and defective events are found on concrete surfaces damaged by de-icing chemicals. In this study, two popular de-icing chemicals, calcium chloride and calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) are examined in the immersion test. Effects by calcium chloride solution can be clearly observed as an axial edge cracking. And the cracking progresses at the interface between cement matrix and coarse aggregates. In particular, it is great different by comparing specimen with and without coarse aggregates. In the other case with de-icing chemical, CMA solution, peeling and spall phenomenon is clearly observed on the mortar surface. To evaluate chemical damage quantitatively, strength properties are examined for the specimens produced with various experimental conditions. Those experimental results are analyzed by category score method and neural network.