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Co-effects of initial and exposure environments on chloride penetration

H. Yokota W. Xue & W. Jin

ABSTRACT: Concrete durability is influenced by both the initial curing condition and the following exposure environment besides the constituents of concrete itself. In this contribution, 15 concrete cylinders were cast and cured in five conditions characterized with different humidity and curing durations. After curing, all the cylinders were exposed separately under three kinds of marine environment for 6 months. Then the total chloride contents in concrete were measured using the automated ion-selective electrode method. The testing results show that the initial saturated curing has a great impact on reducing the early-stage chloride absorption. In conclusion, a refined durability design requires considering the effects of both the initial curing conditions and the following exposure environment. Moreover, the apparent chloride diffusion coefficient and surface chloride content cannot be treated as two independent design parameters for a certain service environment.