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Reinforced concrete beams deterioration in tropical marine environment: DURACON-Campeche

H.T. Pérez, M.R. Sosa, L.R. Dzib & J. Reyes R. Camacho

ABSTRACT: Five years exposure of reinforced concrete beams at three tests stations in San Francisco de Campeche City, show that embedded steel bars present minimum risk of corrosion damage. The atmosphere classification was found to be between low and medium aggressiveness, even though the test station is located in a tropical coastal region. Low atmospheric chloride deposition due the geographical location of Campeche at Yucatan Peninsula was found, mainly due to the dominant winds orientation: from east to west (from land to sea), giving limited marine breeze transportation. The carbonation depth observed from the specimens tested during the total exposure period showed a strong dependence with the water/cement (w/c) ratio: the higher is the w/c ratio from 0.65 to 0.45, the bigger is the carbonation penetration depth from less than 1.5 mm to almost 5 mm. The values indicated that after 5 years of exposure the carbonation process is negligible.