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Remaining shear strength in reinforced concrete beams deteriorated by corrosion

B. Guevara, C. Juarez & G. Fajardo P. Castro-Borges

ABSTRACT: This research studied reinforced concrete beams deteriorated through corrosion induced controlled procedures at the stirrups. The purpose was to find a relationship between the structural behaviors due to shear by diagonal tension and different levels of corrosion at the stirrups. Two 6 beams series were constructed with a separation of 150 to 200 mm between stirrups for each series. Beams were exposed to wet cycles using a 3.5% NaCl solution and to a dry process until depassivation of the stirrups. Subsequently, 100 μA/cm2 of galvanic current were applied for 120 days in order to reach a severe level of corrosion deterioration. Here, we discuss results related to the estimation of the state of deterioration in the stirrups after the accelerated corrosion induced in the beams and its effect on the shear in the beams. Also, we discuss cracking patterns in the control beams as well as in deteriorated beams.