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Experimental evaluation of the structural behaviour of corroded prestressed concrete beams

Z. Rinaldi & S. Imperatore C. Valente

ABSTRACT: The corrosion phenomenon and all its related effects, such as the diameter reduction of the reinforcement steel, the variation of the bond at the steel-concrete interface and the concrete cracking including spalling and delamination, are particularly dangerous for prestressed concrete. The majority of viaducts and bridges are built using this technique and can suffer severe damages due to the strands corrosion. In order to evaluate the influence of the corrosion on the reduction of the load carrying capacity of prestressed members, experimental tests have been carried out at the Laboratory of the Rome University “Tor Vergata” on sample beams. Nine rectangular prestressed beams (200 × 300 × 3000 mm) have been subjected to artificial corrosion, to obtain different damage levels, and eventually tested in bending. The obtained results clearly highlight the influence of the corrosion both on the global strength of the element and, mainly, on the failure mode.