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Deterioration due to combined cyclic actions and reinforcement corrosion of R.C. structures

L. Giordano, G. Mancini & F. Tondolo

ABSTRACT: Deterioration process due to corrosion of steel in concrete affects the serviceability performance of r.c. structures. Corrosion deteriorates the concrete cover, bond between steel and concrete and reduces the rebar section. Moreover, in structures subjected to cyclic loading, the damage due to corrosion can be combined with the mechanical action that is present in service. The initial crack pattern due to load action and to the rheological phenomena is also modified by the expansion of the oxides and by the interaction among those causes. In the present work, the results of an experimental campaign on r.c. elements subjected to simultaneous corrosion and cyclic loading are showed. It is put in evidence the loss of structural performance, by effect of chemical degradation and mechanical action.