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Failure analysis of reinforced concrete due to pitting corrosion of reinforcing bar

B.S. Jang B.H. Oh

ABSTRACT: Corrosion of steel bars in concrete affects greatly durability as well as service life of concrete structures under sea environments. Chlorides are generally penetrated into concrete in one direction under ordinary sea environments. This causes the corrosion initiation from the outer region of a steel bar. In this paper, therefore, the effect of pitting corrosion on the failure of concrete cover was studied. The effects of the types of pitting corrosion and cover-to-bar diameter ratio on the failure of concrete cover have been studied. It can be seen that the pressures to cause failure of concrete cover under pitting corrosion are much smaller than that of uniform corrosion. The failure of concrete cover occurs much earlier as the degree of pitting corrosion increases. It is also shown that the cover-to-bar diameter ratio affects greatly the failure pressure of concrete cover. The results of present study may be a good base for more advanced durability design of concrete structures.