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Corrosion propagation in RC structures—state of the art review and way forward

M.B. Otieno, H.D. Beushausen & M.G. Alexander

ABSTRACT: The degradation of reinforced concrete (RC) structures in the corrosion propagation phase (tp) is a complex phenomenon involving multiple causes and effects. Much research has focused on the initiation phase and it is only recently that attention has shifted to tp with respect to understanding the process, factors affecting the process and its prediction. This paradigm shift has been prompted by the need to develop optimal and sustainable maintenance, repair and management strategies for RC structures. Prediction models have been developed for tp based on pre-defined limit states such as corrosion-induced surface cracking. However, their main drawbacks are that most have not been validated, they may be too complex to be applied in everyday design and do not take into account the variability of the corrosion process. This paper is a state-of-the-art review of corrosion propagation mechanisms and modelling. It also gives a research outlook on the topic.