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Thermal behaviour of concrete with layer of fireproofing materials exposed to fire

K.S. Nguyen, C. Lanos & Y. Mélinge

ABSTRACT: The high temperature thermal transfer through concrete protected by mineral fireproofing layer is studied. In order to model the thermal transfer, a numerical model has been developed taking into account the thermal properties and the thermal degradation kinetics. To circumvent some difficulties associated with the identification of thermo-physical materials parameters, a reverse method is presented. An iterative algorithm is developed to optimize the temperature deviation between numerical-experimental results of heat transfer. The method stability is firstly tested on simulated signals. Then, the heat transfer through the multi layer sample is studied. Experimental data are registered during laboratory fire tests realized following two types of standard fire curves (ISO 834 and HCM). The intrinsic parameters are calculated with the reverse method and numerical results are compared with fire tests experimental results for each standard fire curve. The obtained results appear very satisfactory and give a validation of the developed method.