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Fire resistance of high performance RC column with nylon and polypropylene fiber

C.G. Han & M.C. Han R.P. Ferron & D. Han

ABSTRACT: The objective of this study is to investigate experimentally the spalling properties of high performance hybrid FRC column members containing various combinations of nylon fiber (NY) and polypropylene (PP) fibers, subjected to fire. For the resistance on spalling, the addition of NY and PP fiber at the same time in concrete showed the most favorable result. The more fiber content added in concrete, the better spalling protection was found. Concrete containing less than 0.05% of NY and PP fiber resulted in spalling occurrence, while more than 0.05% of fiber addition protected specimens from spalling. After three hours fire test, although partial surface spalling was observed in the concrete containing 0.05% of fiber combination, favorable performance was achieved. For the results of temperature history of RC column specimens, the maximum temperature of the reinforcing bar reached around 531°C and the mean temperature was 405°C.