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Simplified resistance evaluation of cementitious materials to sulfuric acid

K. Kawai, H. Morita & Y. Matsui

Deterioration of concrete caused by sulfuric acid attack in sewage and wastewater treatment plants has been reported. Deterioration of concrete by acid attack can be characterized by erosion of concrete by acid and erosion caused by expansion of insoluble salt produced by the reaction of the calcium compounds in concrete with sulfuric acid (Kurashige & Uomoto 2001). As a countermeasure of this deterioration, the development of acid resistant cementitious material using multiple mineral admixtures for the purpose of inhibiting production of calcium hydroxide is performed (Koyama et al., 2001). It has been confirmed that the multiple use of mineral admixtures can significantly reduce the erosion by sulfuric acid attack, but the investigation on performance of such materials is not carried out enough. It is thought that the understanding of performance of an acid resistant cementitious material and the evaluation of the resistance to sulfuric acid for this type of material lead to the development of much higher quality acid resistant cementitious material.