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Inclusion of GCC in analytical solutions of service life models for concrete

J.M. Mendoza-Rangel* P. Castro-Borges

Some authors (Masters 1987, British Standards 1992, Canadian Standards 1995, Sarja 1996, Caré & Hervé 2000) propose deterministic approaches such as the factors method, while others propose probabilistic approaches (Sarja 1996, de Coss et al., 1998, Siemes & Edvardsen 1999, Rostam 2003, Lindvall 2005, Zhang & Lounis 2006), which provide the basis for the development of prediction methods of varying complexity and with different requirements for applicability as well aso for data input. Recently, some authors (CastroBorges & Helene 2007) have proposed models which divide the service life into seven stages with the purpose of taking into consideration not only phenomenological factors (cracks, detachments, collapse, etc.), but also how such events should be dealt with during each stage (time period) of service life and in this way achieve a more precise model.