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Validation and improvement of procedures for performance testing of anti-graffiti agents on concrete surfaces

K. Malaga U. Mueller

ABSTRACT: Graffiti on concrete structures is an ongoing, costly and increasing problem. A number of various anti-graffiti agents available on the market are intended to be resistant to graffiti attack or provide a treatment that aids the removal of graffiti. In several European countries the testing of anti-graffiti agents on concrete structures is following the EN 1504-2. This method is not appropriate for the aimed result. The method tests if an anti-graffiti agent damages a concrete structure and focuses on drying index and frost resistance in comparison with untreated samples. The aspects of the efficacy against graffiti attack, other types of dirt and aesthetic changes due to anti-graffiti protection are not evaluated by the present method. Therefore a validation and improvement of the current method is proposed.