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Effect of corrosion on time-dependent reliability of steel sheet-pile seawalls in marine environment conditions

H. Yáñez-Godoy, J. Boéro & G. Thillard F. Schoefs

ABSTRACT: Modeling the long term corrosion of steel structures in sea or estuary areas is still a great challenge when analyzing their safety and optimizing their maintenance. The phenomenon of corrosion is very complex due to the nature of the environment and the materials, in addition to the type of the structure and its uses, which all have to be characterized and modeled for performing structural analysis which can integrate the loss of steel thickness. In this paper we present a reliability analysis of one steel sheet-pile seawall considering the effect of corrosion along the depth of the structure. Experimental data to model the corrosion process comes from a great number of ultrasonic residual measurements in some French harbors. A probabilistic model of corrosion is then suggested and is coupled to a 2-D finite element model of the structure to assess the probability of failure at several depths along the steel sheet-pile seawall and for several time periods. Non-intrusive stochastic finite element methods are used for calculations.