chapter  13
The Use of Neural Nets in Modelling Health Variations - The Case of Vasterbotten, Sweden
ByÖrjan Pettersson
Pages 16

Regional change and uneven development are terms familiar to most geographers. These research areas have received and are still receiving attention at global, regional and local scales (for a short review, see Schoenberger, 1989; Smith, 1989). Even though most research has focused on economic change, often measured as growth/decline in GDP, there have also been studies concerned with other aspects of regional change, such as demography, environment and welfare in a broader perspective (Dorling, 1995; Morrill, 1995; Pacione, 1995). Furthermore, there is an extensive literature specialising in medical geography and spatial epidemiology (Gould, 1993; Kearns, 1996; Mayer, 1990).