chapter  2
Spatial Information Technologies and Societal Problems
ByHelen Couclelis
Pages 10

The "and" in the title is tantalising: it establishes a connection between the phrases 'spatial information technologies' and 'societal problems' on either side of it, but what kind of connection this might be is anybody's guess. Is it a complementary one, as in "bread and butter"? Does it indicate co-occurrence, as in "wet and cold", or necessary succession, as in "night and day"? Is it a causal relationship, as in "fall and injury", a normative one, as in 'crime and punishment', a confrontational one, as in "David and Goliath", or is it more like "doctor and patient", "question and answer"? Does it matter which of the two phrases comes before "and"? Linguists can have fun digging into the semantics of this simple-looking title. Maybe all these possible meanings make sense.