chapter  38
Data Quality Assessment and Perspectives for Future Spatial-Temporal Analysis Exemplified Through Erosion Studies in Ghana.
ByAnita Folly
Pages 12

Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa are faced with tremendous environmental problems, especially land degradation, which call for immediate attention. One important tool to address these issues is land use planning which has been defined as "a means of helping decision-makers to decide how to use land: by systematically evaluating land and alternative patterns of land use, choosing that use which meets specified goals, and the drawing up of policies and programmes for the use of land" (Dent, 1988, p. 183). When looking at land degradation problems, it is important to be aware of the interdisciplinary approach needed to solve these complex problems (Reenberg, 1996). It is here that geographical information systems (GIS) prove to be powerful for carrying out spatial analysis where for instance land use mapping can be combined with socio-economic information.