chapter  9
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Implementing Lean Manufacturing at Gelman Sciences, inc.

ByMatthew J. Zayko, Walton M. Hancock, Douglas J. Broughman

Gelman Sciences is a wholly owned and recently acquired subsidiary of Pall Corporation. Pall Corporation is the world leader in the rapidly expanding field of microfiltration and separations, with sales of more than $1 billion in fiscal year 1996. Like many entrepreneurial companies, Gelman Sciences (Gelman) started in 1959 with an idea of doing something better than was then done. In Gelman's case, the impetus was the founders frustration with the time and effort required to collect air samples by hand. Charles Gelman developed a machine that took precise samples at automatic intervals. Sales in the first year totaled about $65,000. Gelman's initial years focused on instrumentation. Not until the company began experiencing quality and delivery problems with its filter supplier did it look internally to meet this need by producing its own membrane filters.