chapter  13
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Experience and information

Thoughts on spirituality in a time of information flooding
WithHarald Walach

The promise of digitalization suggests that with information at our fingertips life will be easier and with digital enhancement our religious lives will be richer, as we will have easy access to theological and religious information, groups and peers. This chapter will argue that there is an inherent problem with spirituality in the digital age. The essence of spirituality is experience: experience is a category of consciousness and refers to a cognitive, emotional, transformational even, relationship to a reality that is experienced as being and reaching beyond the goals of the individual ego. Hence it enhances current states of consciousness. The precondition for this experience seems to be a stillness and calmness of mind and an emptying of consciousness, a getting rid of superfluous and idle information. The acceleration of information flow and the information overload that is created within the digital era seems to be counterproductive. This chapter explores this inherent and apparent polarity.