chapter  4
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Hinduism and new media

Identities being deconstructed and constructed
WithAugustine Pamplany

The engagement between Hinduism and new media embodies the paradoxical convergence of the most ancient and the most modern. The research questions addressed in this chapter are: How does new media facilitate the practice of Hindu religion? Does the online practice of Hinduism contribute to the construction of a new Hindu identity? What are the imminent challenges and prospective directions for cyberspace Hinduism in the remaking of its identity? This chapter is designed to answer these research questions. The general picture of the various tenets of the practice of Hindu rituals and customs in cyberspace is presented in the first section. The second section reflects on the expanding horizons of the Hindu identity in cyberspace. The final section makes some suggestions to guide the future trajectories of this engagement by identifying the challenges currently operative. It is opined that the future of Hindu cyberspace should be evaluated in terms of its ability to develop appropriate epistemic tools and rectify the conceptual deviations towards completing the positive identities of Hinduism emerging from cyberspace.