chapter  Chapter 20
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Crop Yield and Soil Organic Matter Trends over 60 Years in a Typic Cryoboralf at Breton, Alberta

WithN.G. Juma, R.C. Izaurralde, J.A. Robertson, W.B. McGill

Most Cryoboralfs in Canada occur in the northern interior plains of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The Breton Plots were established in 1930 to find “a system of farming suitable for the wooded soil belt.” The soil amendments included several combinations of the nutrients as well as lime and farmyard manure. Initially, all fertilizers were annually broadcast. From 1946 to 1964, fertilizers were added every 2nd year. In 1964, annual applications were resumed and phosphate was drilled with the seed. Some of the fertilizer treatments were revised and the nutrient applications were brought into line with current recommendations to farmers. Typic Cryoboralfs are low in nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. Cereal crops following high-yielding legumes taken off as hay produce very good yields but the beneficial effect of the legumes is much reduced by the time of the third cereal crop.