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Serials Management at the Science and Engineering Library of Leeds University

WithRobert Green Paul

The Edward Boyle Library at the University of Leeds contains two distinct and separate collections. The first of these is in the Student Library, which contains multiple copies of undergraduate and masters’ coursework textbooks, together with a few popular current periodicals such as “nature” and “new scientist.” These are divided between lending copies on the ground floor and reference copies on the top two floors of the building, where the major ity of seating is available. The second collection is the Science and Engineering Library. This is sandwiched on two floors in the middle of the Student Library and contains the research collections in science and engineering subjects. Approximately two thirds of this collection is in the form of research periodicals and one third in the form of research texts, including conference proceedings and report literature. In addition, older periodicals and books are housed in the basement together with a closed access area containing valuable material such as pre-1900 periodicals, theses and rare and/or valuable books. The Edward Boyle Library is thus extremely busy. It services at least 90% of the undergraduate population and the whole of the science and engineering postgraduate and academic staff population.