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Global strategies for a global scourge
WithMelchior Powell, Dina Wafa, Tim A. Mau

The Introduction provides an overview of international efforts in the 1990s to improve the ethical behavior of bureaucrats and businesses in both developed and developing societies, in recognition that corruption was bad for business, while globalization had made it possible for business and national economic development to advance significantly. The editors’ approach in this book is to provide an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the politics, economies, cultures, religions, public sector values, and the level of development of democratic institutions of nations and regions that were maturing at differing times and levels, particularly in Africa, South America, and South Asia. Efforts to combat corruption in the advanced nations of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Russia, and the United States are also included. The contributors to this edited volume are scholars from around the globe, based in the nations and regions selected for the in-depth analysis, as well as international scholars working in the critical fields of ethics and integrity. The contributions have provided a comprehensive collection of research on corruption and its related subjects of culture, governance, citizen confidence, and other factors that only in-country experts can provide. The editors also provide an overview of corruption in its historical and theoretical aspects and the role of globalization in lifting millions of citizens in developing states who will seek greater involvement in governance and reflect their satisfaction in citizen confidence surveys.