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Collection Development in the Cooperative Environment

WithWilliam J. Crowe, Nancy P. Sanders

Even as higher education looks to the 1990s for a new age of information technologies to solve, or at least ameliorate, age-old “library problems,” university administrators still look on libraries as one of their greatest challenges because of the cost of building collections. Consider the advice currently being given by a former president of the University of Texas to his fellow (or would-be) presidents:

You, as president, must be a strong defender of the library. But you should also know that (1) The university library is a bottomless pit that can absorb all the funds there are; no institution has enough money to maintain and operate a library that is satisfactory to the faculty. (2) If the administration buys books and periodicals, there is not enough money to catalog the collections and provide necessary services to library users; if the administration employs sufficient technical staff to catalog the collections and provide services, there is not enough money to buy books and periodicals … Hobson must have been a director of libraries. 1