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Towards an ethos for commoning the city
WithDerya Özkan, Güldem Baykal Büyüksaraç

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book focuses on the centuries-long history of Yedikule urban gardens, their historical and economic value and significance for both urban dwellers and those who farm them. It discusses the multiple publics that participated in the defence of the bostans in 2013 and the ways in which they imagined Yedikule bostans. The book proposes C. B. Macpherson’s theory, by accentuating the territoriality that “helps materialize, organize and stabilize” all the social relations surrounding a property, that “serves to classify, communicate, enforce, inscribe, and legitimize a set of entitlements”. It provides a historical case study of the recreational sites of Taksim, focusing on the patterns in which diverse urban communities negotiate with municipal authorities over the use and historic significance of these sites.