chapter  Chapter 7
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“Time to protect Kyrenia”

Defending the right to landscape in northern Cyprus
WithEzgican Özdemir

Kyrenia is an agglomeration of spaces that consists of an urbanizing centre, a coastline of numerous beaches and the vicinal villages and towns in between the mountain ranges and the sea. The urbanization of Kyrenia has accelerated, especially after the failure of the Annan Plan in 2004 for the reunification of the island. Kyrenia’s centre and coastal peripheries have become sites of struggle where local communities challenge the rapidly moving enclosures of privatization and development as the population grows and infrastructure provision fails. The remarks of Ataoglu quoted in the beginning coincided with a local news release in Kyrenia about the destruction of a cultural relic. The case of Kyrenian landscape poses a significant example to study the notion of commons and how commoning practices reveal that landscapes are not only constantly defended for their affective, cultural and experiential dimensions, but are also a realm of power dynamics and authority.