chapter  Chapter 8
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A migrant’s tale of two cities

Mobile commons and the alteration of urban space in Athens and Hamburg
WithMartin Bak Jørgensen, Vasiliki Makrygianni

This chapter deals with the so-called “refugee crisis” that emanates from the Middle East and unfolds on the Mediterranean coasts and into Northern Europe. It examines migrants’ spaces produced through praxes of commoning and resistance in two cities of the European territory that constitute crucial spots in migrants’ itineraries, one to the North and one to the South. The commons narrative has been a fertile ground for unveiling enclosures, confronting crisis by-products or engaging with resistance and emancipatory practices. Migrants’ issues cannot be separated from other issues of social injustice and exclusion within urban space. Common spaces of solidarity rise in their territories. Regardless of the geographical distance, shared practices that spread through migrants’ routes produce mobile common spaces. Migrants’ commoning practices in Athens and those in Hamburg become links between the South and the North of Europe. Practices of sharing commoning and solidarity travel along with migrants and interact with local initiatives, creating a blend of emancipatory terrains/common spaces.