chapter  11
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Cooperative economies as commons

Labour and production in solidarity
WithBengi Akbulut

This chapter focuses on a panel, titled “Labour and Production in Solidarity”, held with a similar motivation as a part of the series Spaces in Common in Istanbul in Spring 2016. It proposes for a dialogue between the commons and the cooperative economy follows conceptualizing the enterprise, the economic unit of production, as a potential commons. The specific constitution of the relationships, both among the workers themselves and between the producers/workers and the consumers/customers is the third dimension of commoning depicted in the cooperatives/collectives, i.e. commoning as production of relationships. De Peuter and Dyer-Witheford, in emphasizing the need for cooperatives to connect with other commoning initiatives, problematize the relationship between the former and the wider economic order. Imagining and framing alternative economic forms such as worker cooperatives/collectives is not only an intellectual exercise; it carries a significant—and urgent—political potential, specifically with respect to broadening of commons politics.