chapter  Chapter 13
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Distance Algorithm in Chemical Graphs

WithYaser Alizadeh, Ali Iranmanesh

The core of computer science is algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a problem. The word “algorithm” is a distortion of al-Khwarizmi, a Persian mathematician who wrote an influential treatise about algebraic methods. Some algorithms were proposed to compute topological indices based on distance. These are the so-called shortest path algorithms, and in general, solve even more complicated problems where edges are allowed to carry weights. Some of the well-known algorithms to compute the Wiener index is the Floyd-Warshall algorithm. Many methods and algorithms, for computing the topological indices of a graph, were proposed. In a series of papers, the algorithms for calculating some topological indices, based on distance in a graph, for a special class of graphs were presented. In some papers by using the mentioned algorithms, topological indices based on distance in graph such as Wiener index, Szeged index, edge Wiener index, eccentric connectivity index were computed for some nanostructure nanotubes and fullerenes.