chapter  Chapter 15
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WithMirela I. Iorga

After analyzing the emergence and development of metals electrochemical deposition processes from aqueous solutions, and of main use areas for metal electrochemical deposition, was found a wide variety of domains in which the electrodeposition processes have emerged lately. In the case of aqueous solutions metal ions M reduction is represented by the reaction: Two different processes can achieve the electrochemical deposition: These two processes, electrodeposition and deposition without current, in fact, consists the electrochemical deposition. When a metal is contacted with an electrolyte solution, the mutual charging of phases occurs for the following reasons: In the following issue, one will consider the processes occurring when the two phases are in contact. Metal electrochemical deposition is used for base metal surface protection against corrosion by coating the surfaces with more stable metals or alloys or giving the products a decorative aspect.