chapter  Chapter 23
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Living Active Centers (LACs)

WithA. M. Kaplan, N. I. Chekunaev

The increasing of orientational mobility of reactants in NPC zones provides removal of the steric obstacles to the chemical interaction of Living Active Centers (LACs) with neighboring particles of reagents. The introduction into the chemical science of a new LAC concept has been dictated by the need of the adequate description of the nontrivial kinetic peculiarities of chain reactions in solids. The LAC concept was proposed by Anatoly Kaplan in 1969. The main provisions of the kinetic model of the chain reactions development in solids. Along with the LAC important object of the discussed model is a “friable” zone of nanoparticles of the complex (NPC). The area inside the sphere occupies a “friable” zone of NPC. The growth of the individual polymer chain in the “friable” zone of the NPC carried by the mechanism of “chemical diffusion.” According to this mechanism, the image of the polymer chain part formed in the NPC zone is a broken line in three-dimensional space.