chapter  Chapter 25
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WithLorentz Jäntschi, Sorana D. Bolboacă

In a Mech-synth process, reactive molecules would be attached to molecular mechanical systems, and their encounters would result from mechanical motions bringing them together in planned sequences, positions, and orientations. Mech-synth strongly favoring desired reactions by holding reactants together in optimal orientations for many molecular vibration cycles. In biology, the ribosome provides an example of a programmable Mech-synth device. The beginning of the Mech-synth era can be considered when the technique of moving single atoms mechanically was firstly proposed. It should be noted that the term mechanochemistry is sometimes confused with mechanosynthesis, which refers specifically to the machine-controlled construction of complex molecular products. Most of the explorations to build Mech-synth have focused on using carbon, because it allows the building of structures of large size and finds its uses in medical and mechanical applications.