chapter  Chapter 31
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Powder Electrodeposition

WithMarius C. Mirica, Marina A. Tudoran, Mihai V. Putz

Powder electrodepositing can be seen as an electrochemical process which has as result powder deposits on the conductive materials surface. The electric current passing the electrochemical cell determines the electrodeposits formation and appears due to the charged spin motion, i.e., migration and diffusion, towards polarized electrodes surface in the presence of an external voltage. The electrodeposition process can be described at a macroscopic scale using the kinetics thermodynamic laws which are applied in electrochemistry. Electrodeposition implies that the deposition only occurs in the presence of an electrical connection to the external circuit, which allows an area selective deposition. The electroless deposition can be applied almost to electrodeposited every type of metals/alloys from aqueous solution in proper condition and using appropriate reducing agents.