chapter  Chapter 39
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Topological Indices of C10n Fullerene

WithYaser Alizade, Ali Iranmanesh

The discovery of fullerenes greatly expanded the number of known carbon allotropes, which until recently were limited to graphite, diamond, and amorphous carbon such as soot and charcoal. Topological indices are used for example in biological activities or physic-chemical properties of alkenes which are correlated with their chemical structure. In a series of papers topological indices of fullerenes were studied. As an example, topological indices such as the Wiener index, the Szeged index, edge Wiener index, PIv index and eccentric connectivity index of the family of C10n fullerenes are computed. Many properties of fullerene molecules can be studied using mathematical tools and results. Fullerene graphs were defined as cubic (i.e., 3-regular) planar 3-connected graphs with pentagonal and hexagonal faces. By Euler’s formula, the number of pentagonal faces is always twelve.